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This is a repost from August 20th, from my old blog.  However, I still find it relevant and wanted to repost it here, so its not lost.

Last night I had a chat with a good friend, about why I think it’s slow going in my jewelry being sold in Steampunk Circles.

Now, beyond the first and most obvious of reasons, which is still very much in effect, that I am still new and still getting my name out there.

But, I do still feel there’s a second reason.  When you look at a lot of the jewelry out there for Steampunk, there is a refined feel to it.  An elegance.  A sense of the aristocrat.

While, this makes stunning pieces of jewelry, it makes me wonder where the Punk is?  Where is the aspect of what a punk is?  Where is the attitude that really makes it PUNK?

Now, I’m not saying that my jewelry embodies that perfectly.  Not by any means.  But I thought about it, and realized that my jewelry is a lot more ‘raw’ in it’s nature.  Less refined.  There is rust, there is a very ‘hand made’ quality.  When I think about Steampunk, this is more of what I think of.  I want to not forget that, that punk is what makes this sub culture, more then just dressing up and living ‘Victorian’ style.  The mohawks, the opium dens, the thinking outside the box of the aristocrats.  This is what I sometimes think is missing from some Steampunk jewelry.

I am by no means, a punk.  I live a very sensible life, I’m not a very exciting person, I dress fairly simple and even in my hair, I’m still on the safer side.  But, it doesn’t change that Steampunk is a sub culture that I admire and wish to grow more into.  I love the ideal, of remembering the past and embracing it, while keeping yourself in the present.

So, as you look out for Steampunk and search for that perfect piece to create your own corner of this sub culture, think about what it means to you and how you want to incorporate the PUNK into your Victorian theme.