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Next up, we have an interview with the amazingly talented Viki & Bobbi, aka lorielynn. Check out her etsy here: lorielynn

1. What shops on Etsy do you enjoy watching the most?

Oh man, this is a hard one as I have so many that I love. I guess if I had to pick just a few it would be: www.etsy.com/shop/LeFrenchLaundry – I LOVE everything in this shop! www.etsy.com/shop/Graphique – I have bought so many graphics from her – LOVE THEM. And, www.etsy.com/shop/formandfunktion because I so admire her metalworking ability.

2. Out of Everything you’ve created, what one piece do you love the most?

Wow, another hard question. I think I love different pieces at different times in this creative ride I am on. I think, though, out of every piece I have made this one is my favorite. (I attached the image) because the brass piece used was just so unique and I have not found anything like it since.

lorielynn's Favorite Piece

3. Besides Etsy, can we find you any place else?

I’m on Artfire right now, but am thinking about closing that account and focusing all of my attention on etsy and my blog. www.lorielynndesigns.blogspot.com. I also have a FB page: www.facebook.com/pages/Lorie-Lynn-Jewelry/189763052669.

4. What’s your creating playlist?

Country or oldies!

5. If you could put together a treasury and use only one color, what would you use?

That would have to be red! I absolutely love red! It is such a vibrant and kind of “in your face” color. Very bold.

6. What style/genre do you enjoy creating the most?

Definitely the vintage look. I just love taking things that have been tossed aside and putting them together to great something lovely, fun and unique.

7. When did you first creating jewelry?

It has been about 5 years. I started out beading and quickly decided that was not for me!! I started putting “stuff” together and found that I really loved that. I also started metal working about a year ago and am very intrigued by it and love combining the 2 together.

8. Where does your inspiration come from?

I usually get my inspiration from all of my “goodies”. I very seldom ever plan a piece out ahead of time. I go to my studio, start looking through all of my stuff, pulling things together, and it just seems to work. When I’m looking at the pieces it’s like they are saying, “Pick me, pick me”.

9. What other hobbies do you have?

I sew and crochet and I also rebuild old worn down pieces of vintage furniture. Give me a good yard sale or estate sale and I am a happy girl!

10. If you could offer advice to others looking to make jewelry, what would it be?

Find your style – if you love what you are doing, it makes you happy and you have fun, then other people will feel that from your pieces and they will love them. Also, don’t get discouraged – it takes time and it takes a lot of work that has nothing to do with the creative end. You have to spend a lot of time marketing yourself and your product.

My favorite piece in her gallery. It really inspires me.