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Next up, we have an interview with the amazingly talented Annette, aka lestroisfleurs. Check out her etsy here: lestroisfleurs

What’s your Creating Playlist?

Sugarland, The Butterfly, 100,000 Angels, or Deva Premal are some of my most frequent selections. I like variety of genre, beat, and vocal/instrumental. I also play the fiddle… have to confess that I haven’t practiced for a while… but playing this wonderful instrument can really open up my creative juices.

If you could put together a treasury and use only one color, what would you use?

That is a really hard question for someone with a “moon in Gemini”. And being one of the “twin” signs, we can be very fickle. I am definitely influenced by the seasons, holidays, or some movie I might have watched. And I like to combine colors as well at metals. My favorite combinations are teal and brown or red or blue and white. I am in my autumn “mood” so brown, rust, gold with a hint of teal are my favorites right now.

What style/genre do you enjoy creating the most?

Energy and light… what makes my work most unique is the energy I invoke into a design versus a particular style or genre. I am a certified energy worker. When I create jewelry it is with the intent to energize it with specific qualities to benefit the wearer. I love touching, working and refining metals, filigrees, and natural stones… making them more beautiful than they already are by drawing out their light. And like any human being, I have that inner voice telling me “you don’t have your own style yet… how are you ever going to be successful if you don’t develop your own style…”. Yet I would not want to sit and make multiples of the same item over and over again. I want my creations to be unique. I have to trust that the energy is my style.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I meditate every day. I strive to remain open because inspiration sometimes comes from the least expected sources. I carry a pocket journal with me. It is a very sensual experience – light, luster, texture, grain, tone… all of a sudden my head is running away with pictures and ideas and I start scribbling notes.

Out of everything you’ve created, what one piece do you love the most?

I just finished a metalsmithing class with a jeweler and I am in love with my project piece. I have been longing to learn to set bezels and become more comfortable with metal work. My earliest pieces, because they were created when the purpose energy for my business was the strongest and purest, stand out in my memory – I was young in jewelry making and in love! Out of all the designs in my Etsy shop, the Cuff Bracelet Filigree is a good representation of my work. It just came together as if it had a will of it’s own, was incredibly fun and challenging to make, and is a combination of metals, fibers, filigree, and beads I love to work with.

What shops on Etsy do you enjoy watching the most?

Wow! Etsy is a creative paradise. I could get lost in browsing. One of my absolute most favorite shops is Willowfolk (willowfolk.etsy.com)… her felted pieces are very whimsical and her creative photography makes them come alive. I always leave her shop with a big, wide grin! And her quality is excellent. I could write a book on just this question alone!

Besides Etsy, can we find you any place else?

I have a very neglected blog (lestroisfleurs.wordpress.com) and two other shops: diviniteez.etsy.com and trunksale.etsy.com. I have just found a local shop that is a good fit for my work and am preparing materials to present my work to them.

When did you first start creating jewelry?

Initially back in the 70’s I was making macramé jewelry. More recently about 5 years ago.

What other hobbies do you have?

Doll making, sewing, genealogy, and gardening.

If you could offer advice to others looking to make jewelry, what would it be?

Set a reasonable price for your jewelry. By reasonable I mean enough to cover your expenses – all of them – and to pay yourself for your time. I think many artists tend to under-price their jewelry – the cost of your product includes materials, your time, your equipment, travel expenses, supplies, etc. What is a reasonable hourly rate to pay yourself? If you sell your product for less than what it is worth, you will not make money selling jewelry. And be in good spirits when you create… by that act alone, you have raised the energy of what you are creating to a higher level.

Out of everything, I just love the colors this one offers... Sooo Cute and Chocolaty.