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Next up, we have an interview with the amazingly talented Kim, aka Sassysteampunk. Check out her etsy here: Sassysteampunk

What style/genre do you enjoy creating the most?

Steampunk-my first love,as well as gothic,+ fantasy or all 3 combined

Out of everything you’ve created, what one piece do you love the most

My fav pc is my Time Travel Brass Cuff. I had to go into my “fantasy” world to create that one. It was a lot of fun

What shops on Etsy do you enjoy watching the most?

CalliopesAttic. She does awesome patina work + I’m always interested in seeing what new + interesting items she comes up with.

Besides Etsy, can we find you any place else?

I’m also on Facebook. I love to have my customers show their pieces made with my steampunk supply parts

Whats your Creating Playlist?

Currently its been either The Black Keys or Florence + the Machine.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Movies-like Clash of the TItans. I watched it 6 times when creating my Release the Krakken necklace. I also just like to create pieces with a fantasy theme,making you think you are in another world.

If you could put together a treasury and use only one color, what would you use?

Black-its so dark + mysterious

When did you first start creating jewelry?

I first started making jewelry in 1990. I started making Steampunk Jewelry about 5 yrs ago.

What other hobbies do you have?

Altered Art, Rubber Stamping-Ive done that for over 20 yrs,+ now I’m just getting into wire coiling.

If you could offer advice to others looking to make jewelry, what would it be?

Just go with your creativity! Make pieces that “speak” to you. Learn new techniques and have fun!

I loooove the look of this piece. Just love it.