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People Magazine this week [March 26] showed readers 5 ‘Tricky Trends’ to walk the spring runway, that could be tricky to wear on the streets. Shown as the ‘Fresh and Feminine’ and least tricky, are those lovely Peplum styles that we showcased a few weeks ago.  So if your looking fr something to take straight from the runways and make it yours, but aren’t sure you can pull it off, this would be the best style to check out.

[Image from http://stylebakery.com]

The next trend to work toward are those ‘Slightly out of the comfort zone’ crop tops.  Not always something that everyone can wear, these tops can be cute or sexy, just make sure your willing and/or able to showcase that midriff proudly.

[Image from http://fashionista.com]

This next style is one that has been building momentum across the board of fashion sites, Color Blocking.  Listed as ‘Memorable to a Fault’ on the scale, this style takes a good eye for colors to make sure your using them properly.  Be sure to check out how best to utilize this runway show stopper in your day to day wardrobe.

[Image from http://thefashioneasta.wordpress.com]

Feeling a bit bolder in your desire to wear the runway?  This next trend is shown as  Intimidating on the scale, and for good reason.  Mixing Prints is a style trend that takes a very unique eye, and a bold personality, to pull off in every day living.  Don’t be afraid to try it, but make sure you have the strength to pull it off.

[Image from http://www.focusonstyle.com]

Last up on this scale is the hardest look to pull off.  Head-to-Toe-Floral is listed as Proceed with Caution!, and its something that should be heeded.  This style can easily go bad if you don’t know how to work it.

[Image from http://www.sandrascloset.com]

If your unsure, find your local neighborhood Fashionistas and let them help you figure out what you can or can’t pull off.