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This last week has been swamped still, and so instead of an interview I’m giving you a little sneak of the show I was working on, The Angry Woman Cabaret.

Now, I had a sort of.. Micro theme for each girl.  I was doing Post Apocalyptic through the decades, so each of my ladies was a different decade.  Somehow, I only got photos of 10 of my 11 ladies… Which is very sad.  I hope to have images from photo shoots over the next month.  Look for more images in May.

Erin Williams Bryant:  Wearing custom pieces made for the show. Choker with a back drop [$85] and Golden Pink Earrings [$45]


Kelly Lynch-Chevalie: Always Time For Win(e) Necklace [$55], Budded Wine Necklace [$25] and Clocked Out Hair Clip [$20]


Jaeda Glasgow:

1930’s… No photos yet.

Erin Francis: Steampunk Zipper Choker [$55], Pocketed Time [$30], Clocked Earrings [not for sale]


Issie Lewis: Clockhand Anchor Necklace [$30], Mismatched Green & Blue Pearls [$35]


Nicole LaDonne Knowles: Wild and Shabby, But Always Chic Earrings [$45}, Purple Wrist Cuff [$25], Amethyst Choker/Armband [$25]


Naomi Eienbrey: Reverse Necklace [$30]


Tana Backman-Bland: Alchemy Bottle Drop Necklace [$30], Flowered Pink Pearls [$35]


Jennifer West: Winged Rocker Necklace [$35], Glass Bead Drop Earrings [$22]


Shawna Jones: Zippered Choker [$35], Remade Pockets Necklace [$25], Lion’s Heart Key [$37]


Ashley Shafer: Copper LED Necklace [$75], Golden Lavender Time [$35], Shabby Chic Belt [$45]


So, I hope to have several photo shoots all set up in May to get more images.

All pieces are for sale.

Below you can see more images from a photo shoot done the day before, in costume but without the hair and makeup. [As well as the images above.]

Photos of the show: Rocky Castaneda of Lake City Photography

Photos Before the show: Thomas Richardson Images

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