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Model and budding designer, Anne Marie has a lot to offer the world of fashion.  Here’s her interview on being both designer and model.

What style/genre do you enjoy creating the most?

– The style that we are trying to capture, is maybe your everyday girl/guy, with a punch in the face of metal.

Whats your Creating Playlist?

– When I am designing and creating, I don’t listen to much music, I prefer to throw on Netflix and stream horror movies.

When did you first start creating/designing?

– I have mad my own clothes, modifies my own clothes my whole life, i grew up a large girl, I was 250 pounds and 5’10 so finding clothes that I liked that fit me was impossible. 6 months ago my bestfriend, Jakhob Doyle and I got serious and stared a label we call [teeth].

What do you look for in a model, for your designs?

– We design differently from most designers, I use Jakhob as my model, and Jakhob uses me as his model.

What other designers do you enjoy watching?

– Well of course Alexander McQueen was a big influence on my part,(due to his creativity and his love for the macabre) I mostly create shoes of all things, so I pull a lot of influence from Kobi Levi. Throw a little James St. James in there aswell, his views on fashion are very similar to mine. hahaha

Where does your inspiration come from?

– My over-all inspiration is being able to create one of kind garments that compliment me and my style. To take something that had lived and give it new life. to make heads turn. It comes from seeing things on the runway and creating them for a more alternative genre of people.

Is there any one element about your designs, that makes you different from everyone else?

– I would say there might be a difference between us and other designers, we take old clothes and modify the hell out of them to create something new. We love holes, and leather, safety pins, dental floss stitching, burns. Weave an ashtray into your hair honey and go dancing!

What other hobbies do you have?

– other hobbies I have include, sketching. I’ve been an artist my whole life. I also tattoo, practice special effects makeup, I spend a lot of my free time doing yoga.

Image by Conner Allen

If you could put together a list of your favorite things, what color would you use as the base?

– A color… haha black! No, I would have to either go with yellow, or chartreuse.

What was the most interesting aspect of being a model?

– The most interesting aspect of being a model for me is being able to transform myself, to contort myself. Modeling was a dream of mine ever since I was little and I didn’t get much of a break till I was 17, but being heavily tattooed in the modeling industry is a challenge.

Image by Conner Allen

Fittings, travel, photoshoots… What element is the part you love over everything else?

– I love everything about being a model, I love photo shoots, I love runways I just love it all! I love going to a shoot when I have to wear almost nothing around other models, haha the faces they make when they see all my ink.

What advice would you give to other models?

– It’s a cut-throat industry, let other models shine as well, relax.

Image by John Austin

[All photos belong to their rightful photographers.  Please note any water marks, or comments.  Used with permission of the model.]