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My shop, Vintage Fusion Jewels, was featured this last week in a showcase put on by the amazing RAW:natural born artists, an organization that works to bring the starving artists out of our caves and into the spotlight.

I created 19 items for the show.  19 pieces that hadn’t had a chance to walk the runway, or even be seen, before Thursday.  The pieces followed a slightly different line for me, ending up more Vintage Fusion or Chic Miteuse, my calmer more shabby chic lines.  Two friends had given me old or unused jewelry, which were then turned into these pieces, and others.  So much is pulling more from the reinventing of old jewelry, then of the recreating of clocks, watches, cameras and phones.  I still managed to get parts from those things into my designs, they have a much more elegant and chic feel to them.

Below are some photos from the showcase.  First are the Sneak Peaks I posted to get people interested in the show.  What follows are the runway photos, taken by Eric Barro of Lake City Photography, Bret “The Threat” Newton, Rebecca Lynn of Rebecca Lynn Photography and Casey M Reynolds of Status West.  All images belong to their owners and photographers.  They’re used here, just to showcase the event.