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Eco Friendly Clothing is a new trend, that’s not exactly a new idea.  Below you’ll find Sandmaiden’s Shop Announcement and some images showcasing their wonderful clothing.  Be sure to check out their Etsy Shop.  ^^

knitwear in wool, organic cotton and other natural fibers. Custom sewn in the size and color of your choice. Made with true love and true labor in Seattle.

Sandmaiden was created for women like me, women who appreciate something beautiful and comfortable to put on as a means of transporting themselves from the business of the day into a place of joy and rest. I believe that garments made from natural fibers ground us more intimately to our selves and our environment, providing more comfort and beauty than synthetic materials. The fabrics in the Sandmaiden collection are 90% natural with about 10% modern, functional, fashion forward content like lycra or and soft wood pulp based fibers.

[All photos belong to SandMaiden and are used here only to showcase her designs.]