Interview with Kristy

I’ve been wanting to introduce myself, but couldn’t think of just… How exactly to do that.  Then it hit me.  I’ll respond to the questions used in my interview.  ^^  Only one picture will be included, since you can check out my other pages to learn more about my lines and my jewelry, or just check out the blog for my Graphic Design work.

What style/genre do you enjoy creating the most?

I love love looooove creating Steampunk-esque pieces.  Using clock hands and hands, watch and pocket watch parts, camera parts… Even cell phone parts.  Mixed in with that is a healthy dose of ‘I wonder’ pieces.  Those are pretty much anything that I’m not sure I can create, but try to anyway.  Most of the time, they turn out alright.

Whats your Creating Playlist?

TV… Sometimes music.  Often conversation, since lately I seem to make things with my friend Andrea of Classy Candy.  We pop on a movie and just, let things play out while we talk and work on our pieces.

When did you first start creating/designing?

I’m creative, and have been ‘creating’ for years now.  On the jewelry front, I have… Three dates.  Oct/Nov 2010, was when I first started creating jewelry.  April 2011 was when I started to get serious about it.  Dec 2012 was when I entered the fashion side of design, which has altered my mind set a little.

What do you look for in a model, for your designs?

Someone who knows how to model jewelry.  It requires a slightly different mentality, with a need to showcase a necklace or earrings or the rare ring and bracelet.  Most models are used to showing off a whole outfit, but jewelry images tend to be more head shots or busts, so the whole outfit doesn’t matter.  Other then that, I’d love models of all shapes and sizes, to really showcase just how my pieces work.

What other designers do you enjoy watching?

Pretty much everyone I’ve interviewed, is someone who had inspired me.  Hard to pick just a few.  I guess, if you see an interview here, they’re someone I enjoy watching.  I’m open to people contacting me, but I’ll still decide if I want to include them in the list.

Where can we find you?


FaceBook Business Page

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KAC Sales Etsy

Vintage Fusion Jewels Etsy

Out of everything you’ve created, what one piece do you love the most?

My Engraved Pocket Watch with Vintage Chain and .65 ct Garnet.  The pocket watch was engraved, Feb 14th, 1865.  I don’t know why or when, but it is and I love it.  Nothing else will have that special element.

This piece is right now, one of my all time favorite pieces. Its one of a kind and unique, with nothing else like it.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Movies, books, photos… Mostly however, the elements themselves.  I look at them and slowly ideas take shape, altering and letting me know what they’re going to be.

Is there any one element about your designs, that makes you different from everyone else?

The only real element I can think of, is mostly just that its made by me.  No one else will ever have a brain like mine… Which is a good thing, since we don’t want more then one running around.  ^^

What other hobbies do you have?

Lets see… I Write.  Have a collection of shorts in the works, under a pen name… And hoping to get two books published by the end of next year.  I also am a budding graphic designer.  Business cards, invitations,  fliers, logos, things like that.  Love to create them.  I enjoy taking macro flower photos.  I sew… And I knit… I’ve arranged flowers, silk and real.  Mostly, I love to learn how to do things and be crafty.

If you could put together a list of your favorite things, what color would you use as the base?

Blue.  I LOVE blue.  All shades and elements.  Even getting into purple or turquoise… Loooove it.

If you could offer advice to others looking to make jewelry, what would it be?

Jump in, research and figure out who you are.  Its important to learn about yourself and what it is you want to create.  Figure out if you’re able to create for anything or are you limited to what you desire to do?  Should explain… Can you create to sell anyplace OR does your style tend to be more niche?  For myself, I can’t really alter my design to fit a genre… If someone wanted me to make something, with the intent, of being… Native American feeling, not sure I could do it.  Now, if I created something that looked like it could be, that would be different.

Be yourself and don’t let others change you.  But, be open to advice and those who can teach you something.