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Next up, we have an interview with the amazingly talented Elizabeth, aka  . Check out her etsy here: MadScientistsDesigns

Out of everything you’ve created, what one piece do you love the most?

Hmmmm… that’s hard! I guess that my favorite piece (don’t tell the others) is a custom creation for one of my favorite customers: a one-of-a-kind wire-wrapped vintage vacuum tube ring riding on the back of a dragonfly.

What’s your Creating Playlist?

Actually I don’t usually listen to music while creating, I listen to the television… When I do listen to music, I have a custom iTunes list including music from: Bare Naked Ladies, Creed, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lifehouse, Kelly Clarkson, and Three Doors Down among others…

When did you first start creating jewelry?

I started creating jewelry in February of this year (2011). I like trying new techniques and am getting ready to play with metal dyes. hehehehehe

Besides Etsy, can we find you any place else?

Like me on Facebook
Follow me on Twitter
Check out my blog, Mad Ramblings, for previews of new items and techniques
Also I’ve recently opened accounts on Tumbler and Stumble Upon

Where does your inspiration come from?

Just about everything I see inspires me in one way or another. I love looking through my Activity Feed and seeing all of the things that my Circle Favorites. I’ve run across more cool things that way! Sometimes you see something and you just go, “How cool is that? That technique looks fun!” I also browse the tutorial websites and online jewelry making magazines. I love trying new things with my art and jewelry. Sometimes I run across a finding or stone that just speaks to me, then I just let the design develop organically.

What other hobbies do you have?

I used to read a lot, but I’ve been so busy trying new creative projects that I haven’t read anything recently… I am pretty busy with family and creating right now. 🙂

What style/genre do you enjoy creating the most?

Weeeellllllllll……….. I love wire. I love intricately wrapped jewelry and am constantly learning new techniques. I also love filigree and older style findings, so my style tends to be dictated by the materials I am using at the time. I often incorporate vintage vacuum tubes in my jewelry, which tends to give it a more Steampunk feel. I also like Gothic and Victorian styles….

What shops on Etsy do you enjoy watching the most?

Well, there are so many that I like….
I love seeing all of the clay work by Mandarin Moon
I love the creativity and descriptions of AgentOfChaos
I always check to see what cool findings that CalliopesAttic digs up and so many others…

If you could put together a treasury and use only one color, what would you use?

Well, actually, I tend to choose colors according to my mood… I have several in red because I love the dramatic effect of the bold color.

If you could offer advice to others looking to make jewelry, what would it be?

Go to the library and check out every book you can find on jewelry making! Also look through different jewelry making magazines, then try the techniques that appeal to you. Always stay true to yourself and follow your instincts. Most of all…. HAVE FUN!

I just LOOOOVE these earrings.